Day Three :: Gather Supplies! "21 Days to Your ULTIMATE Sewing Space"

Day 3 of our Kick-off Weekend!

 It's high time to get the studio space ship-shape. Join in the fun, learn some new tips from DIYStyle and some of our wonderful designer partners too. Follow along with our emails, and on our blog too. Printables, themed giveaways, and SEW much more. 

Clean, Purge, Organize :: Day 3

1. Continue to Gather Supplies

The weekend is winding down, and the cleaning continues! Make sure you have the supplies you need. Grab these to start:

  • Drawstring trash bags (13 gallon size are good--and get filled up fast--instant gratification)
  • Pop-up cleaning wipes, like Clorox wipes
  • Disposable duster (or your fav dusting cloths)
  • Vacuum with hose attachments (emptied ready to suck up the mess!)
  • Other cleaning items applicable to your surfaces--think quick "down and dirty" cleaning helpers!

2. Consider your ONE Goal!

Remind yourself of your ONE goal for this challenge. As you start to do an initial purge, don't get too caught up in the minute decisions. Begin with the end in mind.

3. Do what you can

This is YOUR challenge, with YOUR goal to help keep you on track. It should be fun--so if it gets to be too overwhelming, just walk away for the day. There is always tomorrow.

4.  Speaking of Fun.... 

Make time in your studio sewing space enjoyable--especially when you are completing this Clean, Purge, Organize challenge. Our TV is usually on Spotify playing through our favorite playlists, playing a movie, or Netflix show (or Hallmark movie lol!). Whatever makes your space inviting to you--just do it. Dance to your hearts content (who cares if anyone is watching)!

5. Call it a weekend and watch for tomorrow's challenge!

That's it for Day Three! Watch for Day Four of "21 Days to Your ULTIMATE Sewing Space" to arrive tomorrow. For the Daily Printable and extra's, always check the DIYStyle blog!

Happy Organizing!

Cindy & Allyce


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