Day Seven :: Sewing Books! "21 Days to Your ULTIMATE Sewing Space"

Day 7-Sewing Books, Manuals & Inspiration!

Over our sewing and design careers, Allyce and I have collected mounds of books. For reference, projects, and general fashion knowledge. Neither of us can resist nabbing that History of Fashion coffee table book on clearance at B&N for a song! But after a while, we need to edit some of our selections--there is only so much room on the bookshelf.  We have learned to go digital in a LOT of this space. Here's hoping you can too. And save some trees in the process. :)

Clean, Purge, Organize :: Day 7

So, how many sewing, craft, design, quilting, and fashion books do YOU have lol?! Add on top of that subscriptions to our fave magazines, catalogs, and other inspiration. We have a lot of books we just can't bear to part with no matter what the circumstances. This hardback copy of The Vogue Sewing Book is a cherished piece of our sewing history. Cindy's copy was given to her for High School graduation. Years later Allyce found a copy for her personal library too. It's always the source to check when we are looking for classic sewing techniques.

So what's the solution? And it's NOT to stop subscribing to Vogue or Threads (one of the best sewing magazine out there)! We have learned to "go digital" wherever we can, to reduce as much paper as possible. Threads is a great example--when you subscribe you can still get a printed copy, and access a digital copy too. Add that they have an incredible reference library in digital form of all back issues produced too. Cindy still likes to read a printed copy of a zine, Allyce is pretty much iPad all the way. But when Cindy's done with the print copies, we are letting them go. Best to hand off to another to read, or recycle instead of hoarding back issues. Knowing that we can still go back and review the digital copy at any time.

What about the LIBRARY?! Have you dusted off your card recently? If you have not visited your local library recently--either in person--or online--it's time. Today they have access to SO many resources, including several of the popular creative periodicals. Both in print form AND digital to borrow, for reading on your tablet. If you haven't yet invested in a large iPad or tablet, here's your excuse!

Bonus--you can watch all those sewing videos and Netflix too! Mark your calendar for the upcoming new Netflix series Next In Fashion starting January 29th. We are especially pumped to watch, as one of the fashion designers is a former colleague of Cindy's! Nasheli is super talented, it will be a lot of fun to watch her compete.

Speaking of things in digital format, did you know, you can find most copies of your machine manuals online too? Check the manufacturer's website for a free copy for most current models. If like us, you just can't deal with that pile of handbooks for your machines, download a copy to your tablet, and gain access at your fingertips. Many of these ebooks, manuals, and PDF's can be saved in the Kindle app. It's an easy way to keep these sorted and found again fast when you need it.

Watch for Day Eight of "21 Days to Your ULTIMATE Sewing Space" to arrive soon. 

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Happy Organizing!

Cindy & Allyce

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