Day Four :: Notions! "21 Days to Your ULTIMATE Sewing Space"

Day 4--Sewing Notions and Marking Tools!

Today's challenge is to clean out, purge and organize all the sewing notions & marking tools you have accumulated. We certainly have a pile, curated over the past few years. Time to do an edit and add some new fresh ones too. We want to be ready for all the fabric and techniques!

If you are anything like us, you have more than one marking tool (really--who has just one lol!) and MANY sewing notions. Sometimes these get tossed in drawers (kinda like the kitchen) never to be seen again. And those marking tools--they can dry up, and get yucky. Start the sorting, and toss what's "dead". If you have lots of extra's that you don't need, consider sharing with your local guild or assisted living facility's sewing group. They would be thrilled to have them.
Pull everything out and start groupings of like items. We tend to accumulate lots of great stuff from shows, events and many awesome vendors. Not sure we need 5 seam rippers though (or I'm hoping not!), so time to edit. Keep the best and/or your favorites.
Fewer items =  more "white space" and a sense of calm. Allyce's ONE goal for this sewing room challenge.
These drawers purchased from Target a while ago fit perfectly in our sewing table (custom built by my Dad--Allyce's Grandpa). And we found the plastic tray inserts at Dollar Tree! It was a big win when we figured out they fit perfectly into the sections of these drawers. And once the items are edited, makes finding just the right tool and notion quick.
We bought this wooden caddy from Target too, meant for cutlery. And use it for the notions and markers we use most, trying to keep them contained here. Makes for a much neater cutting and sewing area, and we can find items quickly--saving time and mental energy. 

Of course, once you have taken stock of everything, and done your edit, seek out some NEW fun tools to add to your current fav's. Check out Mister Domestic's Fav Tools of 2019 (we were included--yay!) for some great ideas! 

That's it for Day Four! Watch for Day Five of "21 Days to Your ULTIMATE Sewing Space" to arrive tomorrow. 

Happy Organizing!

Cindy & Allyce


  • Pamela Berrigan

    A lot of my notions are in the top two drawers of my rolling sewing drawers. My marking supplies are in the fourth drawer of that same mobile cart. I gave my pattern weights to my daughter after getting myDIYStyle cutting system! Does that system count as a notion? Because it lives on my dining room table.

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