Day Six :: Elastic & Trims!! "21 Days to Your ULTIMATE Sewing Space"

Day 6-Elastic, Trims, Buttons & Beads!

 SO many pieces, parts, scraps and "things" that (seriously) can roll away! That's how we feel about our "collection" of elastics, trims, buttons & beads. That is not including things like fasteners, hardware, and all the hooks we use too (we specialize in swimwear). Time to tame these tangled piles, and sort all the tiny findings into an easy-to-access system.

Clean, Purge, Organize :: Day 6

How to tame this beast? A trip to Dollar Tree for some helpers! With lots of smallish pieces and parts to organize, we need some inexpensive options--especially since we will need MANY containers to get this mess in check.

It's not much fun to untangle heaps of trims, ribbons and elastics, so once these are wrapped neatly, they need a place to be kept to keep the "nest" from occurring again. Clear zip pouches to the rescue--and these are cute too!

What about those teeny tiny rolly things--like beads, stones, buttons, hooks, etc. Try some clip top mini bins, and metal compact-like tins. Love me some Dollar Tree lol! 

Here is just a VERY small pile of all the trims, elastics and ribbons we have to sort through. We will spare you the visual of all the bins they were tossed into (sigh). But, it's all easily saved for future projects, so sorting this = saving lots of $$. 

We love being able to see all of our findings, and ziplock bags are often what we grab for. But a quick swing through the Dollar Tree yielded some cute and practical containers. And probably way more durable than a ziplock bag.

Clear pencil pouches to the rescue! I'm going to head back out and get more of these. Durable, cute, and even holes if we decide to link a group together with a binder ring! Here's the link to these: 

And they can stand up in one of the many clear shoeboxes we use on our shelves.

And while at Dollar Tree, we found a simple solution for containing the rolly things--buttons and beads. These mini clip top bins are perfect for buttons, and can be sorted by size, color, etc. Bonus--you get 3 of these in a set for $1. And they come in cute colors too for color-coding. Here's that link: 

While walking down the craft aisle (yes Dollar Tree sells crafting supplies now too), I spotted these round metal tins. Great for the teeny tiny beads and stones. Not clear, but easily labeled, and stacked into another lock top container. These were in a 2 pack. Going back for more of these too. And it was even the perfect size for our new stickers Allyce created for DIYStyle! There wasn't a link I could find for these, so check your local store. 

Question of the Day?!

What are your favorite containers or solution for taming/containing Elastics & Trims OR Buttons & Beads?

(Post your answer to this post, to be eligible to win a $25 Gift Certificate to the DIYStyle Shop.) Deadline for blog comment is midnight, January 25, 2020! 

That's it for Day Six! Watch for Day Seven of "21 Days to Your ULTIMATE Sewing Space" to arrive soon. 

Happy Organizing!

Cindy & Allyce

One entry per person. No purchase necessary, void where prohibited. Must be 18 or older to enter. While we wish we could run this contest everywhere, for legal reasons it is only open to eligible residents of the U.S. and Canada, not including Rhode Island. This contest is exclusively endorsed by DIYStyle.

The winner will be chosen randomly from the comments received and contacted through the email provided in the comment. We will update the post with the chosen winner.

Additionally, by commenting, you agree to allow us to use your comments for future promotional activities. In other words – we might quote you when we are putting together new testimonial pages. If you’re not okay with that – don’t leave a comment!

We will choose a winner and modify this post to let everyone know who won.



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