Day Five :: Needles, Clips & Pins! "21 Days to Your ULTIMATE Sewing Space"

Day 5-Needles, Pins & Clips!

We will get right to the point (hah!) with today's challenge! We can't sew without regularly replacing some of our notions, and that is definitely the case with needles, pins, and clips. Time to do a once over, and decide what goes, and what replacements you need to add to your shopping list.

Clean, Purge, Organize :: Day 5

If we had to point to (hah again!) what we use more than anything in our sewing room, it's probably clips. These have replaced the traditional straight pins for us in most cases. Of course, there is still an instance here or there where a straight pin or safety pin is just the best man for the job! In any case, they need to be ready to grab easily, in good shape, and in plentiful supply. 

Go ahead and sort through your containers of pins, needles and clips. Pull out the damaged ones if you have the patience to dig thru. If not (and we are in this camp), toss that old tin of pins, and replace with new--and a magnetic pin cushion to boot. You won't be sorry! 

Allyce and I like to keep things contained, so we can clear off a surface for sewing, cutting, or patternmaking. So storing like items together, especially the ones you need to grab quickly is our solution. This little basket can move easily from our cutting table, and still have open access to the pins, needles and clips for use.

The little bowl full of clips can be removed from the basket and placed next to the sewing machine. Handy for removing clips from a project, or on the table as we are positioning clips on our project. And it's cute too! Find some of your favorite containers to help keep your notions organized. That lone teacup without a saucer, or bowl too tiny for anything else--makes for a pretty and practical container in the sewing room. :)

Question of the Day!

What is your favorite way to store needles, pins or clips?

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That's it for Day Five! Watch for Day Six of "21 Days to Your ULTIMATE Sewing Space" to arrive soon. 

Happy Organizing!

Cindy & Allyce

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  • Pamela Berrigan

    Oh! I discovered clips late last year and I’m in love. They reside in a clear snap top box that lives in the bottom drawer of my rolling sewing drawers. Pins are separated by head type (glass versus plastic) and a fair number are on my magnetic pin cushion. Machine needles are sorted by type in small plastic boxes and are all together in an old box in my rolling sewing drawers. Bent or otherwise damaged pi s and needles are disposed of when their damage is noted. Oh, and hand sewing needles are either in their original packaging or in the pincushion my dad made me.

  • SUe REifschneider

    I store my pins in metal containers with lids, my clips are in Tupperware
    Like containers, used needles to be disposed for in the empty containers that my diabetic strips come in.

  • Alice Boudreaux

    I store my clips in empty large gum containers, The caps have a wide mouth flip lid for easy removal & return. My pins are on several magnetic pin cushions … quilting, long glass head, flathead.. etc.

  • Sharon Aurora

    My pins and needles are kept in the containers they came in. The ones in use are kept in pincushions. I have a small medicine container for putting bent and damaged pins and needles so they can be disposed of safely.

  • Karen

    I have my needles in a hanging jewelry organizer. My pins and clips are in plastic containers they came in or from cheese.

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